41 Beaconsfield Ave, Vereeniging, 1939

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082 653 9999 / 016 422 8685

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Carl Geldenhuys


Products I can make

SABS can be obtained if required.

The products themselves meet SABS standards but your premises and manufacturing needs to meet their criteria.

The manufacturing methods have been simplified that anybody with very little tuition will be able to operate and make there own cleaning products. Detailed manuals are supplied with Comprehensive practical training.

Telephonic backup service supplied after training (office hours only) – if required and the quality of the products are as good as can be purchased anywhere – you will be using the same raw materials as are use by MAJOR CLEANING PRODUCT manufactures.

The cleaning products can be manufactured at home and is Highly Profitable !


Receive your training today and start your business tomorrow, your first three products raw materials, bottles and labels are initially supplied by Blinking Clean so that there is no delay in getting started. 

This Great introductory CD on how to make Solid Bar Soaps and Candles, for only R500-00 plus postage – Order Now!