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Carl Geldenhuys


About Us

Make a trade marked cleaning product at home! 


Blinking Clean – design and manufacture a number of turnkey operations machines that set up individuals in their own businesses. The quality, workmanship and precision meeting international standards, the efforts of Blinking Clean are supported by the “The Department of Trade and Industry.” Our machines are marketed locally and internationally.

Blinking Clean will supply clients with the raw materials, packaging and labels required to manufacture the finished product. A vital advantage to clients is that BLINKING CLEAN™ will after full training still provide telephonic back up.

BLINKING CLEAN, a South African company, with a solid business track record, and a contributor in the small to medium business development market. 

The Liquid Detergent Machine is robust and operates on 220-volt single-phase power, the interchangeable 200lt. and 100 lt. polyurethane chemical resistant tanks, makes it possible to have a high production rate (no waiting for the decanting before mixing the next batch).

The machine comes with a full warranty as well as 33 formulations to manufacture all of the most commonly used detergents, window cleaners, liquid scourers, shampoo, degreasers, floor cleaners, etc.

Comparable items in the supermarket are selling for R 15-00 plus, will cost you R 3-58 to manufacture. The machine manufactures 200 liters/Kg per blending +/-every ½ hour. Make at least 1500 to 2000 lt. soap a day.

This business offers you an incredible return on investment!

BLINKING CLEAN company offers you the opportunity to own a business, one that is able to grow from strength to strength, one that can be operated on a full or part time basis, but most importantly…one that has been tried and tested. The household products made by you are manufactured by the large corporations using the same raw materials that you will be using… therefore we are more than confident to say that IT WORKS

One should take into consideration that the financial capabilities and freedom of the average middle and lower class is very restricted due to the lack of economic development of the African Continent as a whole! Strategies and plans have been put in place to combat and assist the situation.

Surely you will see the changes take place, but not fast enough. It will most probably be your children that would have the pleasure of living in a stable economic environment!

Look up : www.businesswarehouse.co.za  for more and other exciting opportunities.